Offering Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Thinking about moving to the Cloud?

Yes! You are on right track. “Cloud Computing” has completely changed the approach of today’s business. It is true that with the advancement of mobile devices & technologies we get used to with remote storage, synchronizing profiles across multiple devices and other interesting activities. Cloud storage is inexpensive, secure and reliable. It is in fact more secure than traditional computing. Time Savings & Productivity Benefits of the Cloud Computing is 40% more cost effective for SMBs in comparison to running its own IT setup.

What is cloud computing?

It is a practice of storing, managing and processing data online using a network of remote server hosted on the internet. Sometimes ‘cloud computing’ simply referred to as ‘the cloud’. It is a type of internet based computing that delivers on-demand computing resources – everything from applications to data centers. With the help of latest technologies and cloud computing resources you can manage your data very easily from anywhere… anytime.
Cloud Apps are key to supporting growth of small and medium scale businesses. Since we cater our services majorly to SMB sectors and we are in the midst of a radical change in technology preferences, we have come up with different cloud based services for betterment.
Gartner say IT is a 1.7 trillion dollar industry (3.6 trillion including telecoms); so if there's currently 10 billion being spend on the Cloud... and it really is going to shake up most of the way traditional IT is done... then we're at less than 1% of the evolution of the Cloud market.

Cloud Computing Advantages

  • No hardware expenditure and maintenance & up-gradation cost

  • Flexible & Scalable platforms on-demand

  • Run the business without stressing on IT

  • Data control from anywhere anytime

  • Highly Secured

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Automated disaster recovery system


How We Can Help

  • Cloud Consulting

    We provide Cloud planning & implementation services and give advices to our clients to have the best possible cloud computing solutions compatible for their business.

  • Cloud Application

    We help clients while they are preparing for transition from their old system to the cloud. We have built many custom cloud based applications as per client’s demand.

  • Cloud Management

    Helping companies to achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components. Our cloud management services help clients to achieve

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Our Cloud Infrastructure services support managing on-demand cloud platforms with flexible choice of planning. We are empowering better client experience, creating agility and reducing infrastructural cost.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Our cloud hosting services make it easier for clients to access important data and work on that anytime and from anywhere… basically 24/7. Our hosting platforms are reliable and highly secured.

Cloud Computing Services

Let us focus on providing you with the best Customize Cloud Services. You Focus on Growing Your Business.
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